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Awaken Your Soul Purpose

and Unlock Your Calling in Life

Embrace Your God-Given Gifts, Talents, Skills & Strengths So You Can Ultimately Leverage It All to Create Meaningful Results...

Are you ready to uncover your true purpose and ignite your inner fire? The Soul Purpose Intensive by Invictus Alpha Rex is an immersive experience designed to connect you deeply with your core self, clarify your life's mission, and take decisive action towards meaningful fulfillment. 

  • 15th August

    9:00 AM PST

  • Smyrna, Delaware

  • Become 'UNSTOPPABLE' Inside of Creating Wealth for Yourself & Your Family - and Get Paid Extremely Well For Your Passions...

  • Stop Denying Your Calling, and 100% Own Your Undeniable  GREATNESS Instead of Hiding From It All...

  • Powerfully Lead In Business, Family & Life with Unwavering Certainty and Unquestionable Integrity...

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    What Is The Soul Purpose Intensive?

    Engage in powerful exercises and guided reflections to discover your passions and purpose. Gain clarity on your mission and focus your energy on what truly matters. Develop practical strategies to align daily actions with your soul's purpose. Connect with like-minded individuals for mutual support and accountability. Receive expert guidance to break through barriers and embrace your authentic self. Perfect for individuals seeking deeper meaning, entrepreneurs aligning business goals with core values, and anyone ready to pursue their true calling. Unlock your potential, achieve alignment, and transform your life. Join us at the Soul Purpose Intensive and start living a life of true significance.

      "Who Do You Have To Become…And Why The Hell Aren't You That Person Now?"

      There is a destination that is calling to you.

      You can see it, feel it and your soul aches for it.

      There is a desire inside of you that wants to pull you forward to an island of limitless expansion beyond the sea of scarcity.

      And yet you keep finding yourself stranded on the beach of your own disbelief.

      You know that your island is out there…But its presence seems to mock you daily.

      Hidden from your eyes…Even as it consumes your mind.

      A fantasy island that only seems to mirror back all your fears.

      Even though you may be a member of this movement called Warrior…

      Even though you face your facts every quarter…

      Even though you’ve established your Impossible Game inside of Fact Map Masterminds…

      Your island in the distance still seems beyond the reach of who you are right now.

      And you’d be right.

      It is…

      And it always will be.

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      Unless You STOP HIDING From The MASSIVE VALUE That Is YOU!


      Who I was over 9 years ago had no fucking clue on how to…

      Build the unstoppable mindsets…Acquire the elite skill sets…And stack the Warrior Wealth Assets necessary…

      To build my own castle on the beach.

      That version of me was lost inside his lies and still believing all the stories the world kept placing upon him…

      Stories that stole his authentic power.

      I had to gain a deep dive understanding of my TRUE POTENTIAL and capacity for POWER.

      This is the same path you must follow if you want to unlock the power to take your life vision from dream to reality.

      The facts of today and where you want to go tomorrow are one thing…

      “Who must you become to get what you REALLY WANT?”

      It’s inside the answer to this Real & Raw question where you find yourself requiring a different level of fuel to fire up your transformation.

      Finding your Soul Purpose provides the drive that keeps your vision alive even in the midst of the death of how you used to be…Or who you are today.

      The burning question you must ask yourself now is this…

      “Will you BE YOU and liberate yourself?”

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      Yet This Is How YouGet Paid For YOUR POWER.

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      It’s true…

      There’s a story inside of you that keeps making shit too damn hard on yourself.

      You won’t allow yourself to trust and surrender.You won’t allow yourself to own and value who the fuck you’ve been called to be.You won’t allow yourself to give others the opportunity to receive YOUR VALUE…



      Because there’s a piece inside of you that simply refuses to get paid for your natural genius.

      You find it nearly impossible to accept the fact that the gifts, talents and skills that seem so damn easy to you are worth big fucking money.

      PLUS, the entire world around you has been downplaying your capabilities since Day ONE!

      They talk shit and poison your mind with vicious lies that leave you feeling uncertain, weak and powerless to charge your worth.

      And even when you have the courage to share your fearless flow and genetic genius…

      What do you do?

      You discount yourself…

      Get Your Ticket Now

      Giving Away Your God-Given Gifts At Bargain-Basement Prices.

      No wonder the shackles of scarcity keep you in prison.

      Because you’ve never truly given yourself the permission to BE THE MIRACLE YOU ARE.

      But here’s the brutal truth.

      The world never gave you the tools, the awareness, or the fucking support that would allow you to SEE AND OWN YOUR TRUE IDENTITY.

      This is why the Soul Purpose Blueprint was created in the first place.

      And it’s why we knew a LIVE, Highly Immersive 2-Day Experience like The Soul Purpose Intensive would guarantee you accelerate your discoveries.

      Get Your Ticket Now

      You Will Have The Courage To Build Your Castle And LIVE ON PURPOSE.

      Now let me address something that you might be thinking right now when it comes to this topic of finding and owning your Soul Purpose.

      A story inside of your head that is doing its absolute best to fuck with you…

      To prevent you from GOING ALL IN and attending the Soul Purpose Intensive.

      It’s the story that this is all just more of that, “woo woo, airy-fairy, unicorn bullshit.”

      And I get it.

      I used to believe the same thing for years.

      But what you’ll experience inside of your Soul Purpose Intensive isn’t what you’ll expect.

      No drum circles, incense, or crystals from Sedona are required.

      There will be no fucking chanting either.

      What you will experience is a practical, tactical, and logical system that guides you through a process of hardcore self-discovery.

      And this process is way beyond the elevation of just your money game…

      Although it will allow you to unleash abundance in ways that seem fucking unreal.

      This is where you secure access to crystal clear clarity that allows you to reveal the real-world actions that serve your eternal expansion across Body, Being, Balance and Business…

      Rather than leave you lost in loops of fantasy and the bullshit of “acting busy.”

      After the Soul Purpose Intensive, you’ll find yourself in a place where you tap into your natural passions and unleash a Warrior Time Warp of Elite Levels of Production.

      Every day you’ll find yourself in states of flow that have you getting more done with less effort and never leaving you feeling worn out or exhausted.

      So do yourself a favor and leverage this high-intensity, high-impact experience and put yourself way ahead of the curve as a creator & leader.

      Do not overlook the liberating power of this event.

      The Voice is already telling you to go.

      Don’t ignore it.


      Get Your Ticket Now

      Find The Drive To Acquire The Skills, Weapons And Tools That Lead To Your Ultimate Transformation.

      Your Soul Purpose Intensive Experience will lead you to radical revelations that unlock limitless power.

      A virtual experience that allows you to connect & engage with your Warrior brothers and sisters at a deeply profound level inside of mind-bending, belief-building breakout sessions.

      By now I hope you can see that when you make your decision to attend The Soul Purpose Intensive…

      You are accessing something far greater than the typical personal growth hacks.

      You have the chance to access the very fucking definition of who you are supposed to be.

      And by getting absolutely clear with your “X-Factor” and activating your Soul Purpose Blueprint…

      You invite the one thing you may have been missing all along.

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      It is that certainty that transforms the vision in your head into a Prophecy of Profits.

      You KNOW what is to come…

      Because you finally KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

      Secure your exclusive seat for The Soul Purpose Intensive on this page.

      It’s your time for you to rediscover who you’ve been called to be…

      It’s time for you to fulfill the promise of your potential as a divine creator.

      It’s time for you to REMEMBER…

      So you can RISE!

      Get Your Ticket Now

    Live Training

    Limited Spots Open

    September 20th, 2020

    09:00 AM EST

    Soul Purpose Intensive Schedule

    This is our event schedule and the entire event will proceed as per the timeline given below. Please be on time, so that you don't miss any of the awesome topics.

    • Pre-Training Protocol

    • Your Pre-Training Protocol

      Right Now

      Your 4-Step Pre-Training Protocol is directly linked up to your deadline to secure your seat.

      Because it’s the only way to give you ample time to Become 100% PREPARED and Ready to Create, Design, and Battle-test Your Personal Soul Purpose Blueprint during your 2-Day Intensive…

      So do not take this lightly…Attack it with urgency exactly as instructed inside, and commit yourself to making the small time investment of 5-7 hours that it requires.

      (Unless you want to enter the intensive being behind the curve, and severely limit the profit-pulling impact of this experience…)

    • Preparation for immersion

    • Understanding Your Passions

    • Defining Values

    • Mindset Shift

    • Day 1

    • Your Passions, Gifts & Values

      Find your definitions of natural power so you can stop fighting against yourself and learn to access effortless production daily!

      Leverage the life-altering clarity of 4 deep dive assessments that provide a mirror so you can finally see your natural talents and claim extreme ownership of their high-profit potential.Create the bridge between where you are and where you want to go by learning how to own what you value…So you can make a stand for your eternal expansion with no fear.Kick down the door of inspired permission so you can stop denying your natural passions and let them fuel your ability to live out the vision of your ideal life.

    • Uncovering Core Desires

    • Personal Story Analysis

    • Defining Your Mission

    • Interactive Workshops

    • Mindset and Focus

    • Day 2 Part 1

    • Your Rules & Roles

      You’ll discover how to transform the Rules that are running your daily life and how you can start “Acting” from your role as THE Leader Of Your Life!

      Your rules either suffocate or elevate your gifts…So you must acquire the new rules that support your soul purpose and accelerate your radical results.Uncover the stories hidden inside your daily rules and discover what they are allowing or preventing you to unleash inside of Your Have It All Lifestyle.Pull back the curtain so you can finally reject the limiting roles your family, friends, and religion have pressed upon you…And start playing ALL OUT with the life you design.

    • Deep Dive into Blue Prints

    • Action Plan Development

    • Accountability Framework

    • Mindset and Motivation

    • Day 2 Part 2

    • Your Blueprint & X-Factor

      Bring everything together as you define the Ultimate Problem your calling solves…And RISE as the Perfect Solution so you can Finally Thrive Limitlessly!

      Lean into your Soul Purpose and access your “X-Factor”…The gift that gives you an unfair advantage in the marketplace so you can explode your production and profits.Leave your self-limiting beliefs behind on how you can show up as in the world…Feel the calm, unstoppable confidence that only comes from OWNING YOUR VALUE.Lift yourself out of the pit of procrastination and tap into an endless drive of Soul Purpose…So you can dominate your days while sidestepping limiting lies.

    • Implementation Strategies

    • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

    • Real-Life Application

    • Commitment and Accountability

    • Final Integration and Reflection

    Grab Your Tickets Before It's Sold Out

    We have limited seats for this event, and the demand for tickets have been rising everyday. The tickets are going to go very quickly, so get them till they are available here.










      You'll Redefine Your Personal Power & Access Shocking Levels Of Untapped Potential.

      What used to seem like only a far-off dream inside of your ultimate vision…

      Will suddenly become a reality that is right around the corner.

      For once you unlock the certainty of your Soul Purpose…

      You now possess the keys to building your kingdom with ease, speed, and fucking pleasure!

      And when you’re driven by Soul Purpose, your daily work inside of Your Warrior’s Way becomes relentless and effortless…

      Backed by certainty and power that comes from a deep peace of mind.

      Because your Soul Purpose is the arrival of who you are supposed to be on this earth.

      Operating as a high achiever fueled by your Soul Purpose allows you finally find that permission to radically accept ALL OF YOU…

      So you can HAVE IT ALL.

      This is your time to leave the shores of scarcity forever and sail away to your island of purpose-driven, life-changing profits.

      All because you finally allowed yourself to DO THE THINGS THAT SET YOU FREE.

      You weren’t called here to simply exist and survive your time on this earth.

      You were called to thrive as you LIVE FROM YOUR VOICE.

      Your Soul Purpose is waiting for you to arrive…

      And you already know there is something you need to let the fuck go of…

      Something that’s still holding you back from accepting your role as the leader you’ve been called to BE and play inside of your Soul Purpose.

      I invite you to make your stand now and register for the next Soul Purpose Intensive.

      Because it’s time you stopped going to war to hold onto everything that no longer serves you.

      It’s time for you to go to war for WHAT YOU WANT NOW…

      And for many years to come.

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  • The Next Fact Map Mastermind Begins December 14, 2022

  • Enrollment Deadline: 11:59pm Pacific December 9, 2022

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      Your Blue Print Mastermind

      Ticket Details

    • 3-Day Workshop & Mastermind

    • Time: 9am - 5pm Each Day (Eastern)

    • 4-6 Hours of Pre-Training required



    Meet our panelists for the event. Learn from them how to start a multi-million dollar company from ground up and how you can do that as well.

      Joel Margavage


      Jane is the CEO of ABC Marketing. She started her company in 2016 and have taken it to $20 million a year. She is going to talk about growth strategies in this conference.

    Grab Your Ticket Right Now

    There are limited tickets available, and the event is going to be sold out. So, get your tickets before it's too late if you want to build your business empire by learning from the very people who did it.

    AUGUST 15th from 9:00 AM PST